Who We Are

We’re PRO Managed IT

What separates PRO Managed IT from any other managed IT services provider (MSP) you’ll come across is that our business experience is as strong as our technical expertise.  Everything we do is designed to make sure your company’s IT network infrastructure remains current, reliable, and secure in a cost-effective, manageable way so that it always supports your business objectives.

Our History

Our founder and President, Kevin Daly, worked his way up the corporate ranks for over 25 years to become a C-level executive and company-turn-around expert. Over the past 7 years, he’s focused on helping Small-to-Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs). The head of our IT team, Mark Mathis, has over 20 years serving the IT needs of SMBs operating in a variety of industries. Starting back in 2005, Mark and a core group of highly-skilled certified engineers worked with Kevin on several successful mission-critical IT projects for different clients. They saw first-hand how often most SMBs can’t afford to hire experienced qualified technicians or stay ahead of the technology curve; and how this left SMBs exposed to serious IT problems, lower business productivity and lost profits. That led Kevin to create a new service model that delivers high-quality, low-cost Managed IT services to SMBs that is reliable, safe and secure. In 2007, using this great group of IT experts, Kevin launched a company called Secure Hosted Solutions. As other highly-qualified professionals continued to join their successful team, the company name was changed to PRO Managed IT to reflect its flagship network support offering.


Our Results Speak for Themselves

We’re a down-to-earth group of skilled, Certified IT Engineers, technicians, and experienced business executives. We deliver our own unique blend of professional managed IT services, reliability, business experience and “golden rule” customer service to every customer we serve. Over the years:

  • Every one of our hundreds of loyal users acts a positive referral for us.
  • We operate profitably with no debt.
  • We’ve never lost a client to a competitor… even though we have no long-term contracts.
  • We’re the only MSP who actively promotes our buying, maintaining and upgrading the latest network-related HW/SW and data communications infra-structure for our hosted customers — along with certain anti-virus protection, BDR, Microsoft SPLA Licenses, etc. – so that you always enjoy the latest equipment with no finger-pointing on service issues.

There’s no question that on both a Managed IT and a Business basis …
“We’ll Keep You Up and Running.”

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We’d enjoy discussing how your IT environment supports your business objectives.


What our Customers Say

“We rely more on Pro Managed IT engineers to assist with complex tasks and helping us to constantly upgrade and improve our infrastructure within the hosted environment. We have worked together to improve our shared infrastructure to a point where we are fighting less fires and are able to take a proactive approach to network management. We are forward looking now and out ahead of where most companies are in terms of managing systems at a hosted provider.”

CSCS, CPHIT, CPEHR IT Manager, for a growing medical device manufacturer March 24, 2015