What We Do

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PRO Managed IT Scheduled Maintenance™
Our Certified Engineers, and technicians, support your on-site hardware through monthly remote assessments and periodic personal visits (or even one-time visits) to your premises.
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PRO Managed IT Hosted Service™
Your data resides on our server hardware and your software is monitored and maintained by our Certified Engineers on our managed network. Your data and hardware can also be co-located and supported at our secured data center.
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PRO Managed IT Special Projects™
We satisfy your special needs by providing technical support  in the form of such expertise as project design, project management, implementation and/or ongoing maintenance/monitoring, etc., for major projects or unique services at your request.
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PRO Managed IT Customer Care™
We’ll treat you the way we’d want to be treated with ‘two-deep’ Certified Engineers who’ll understand your priorities and earn your trust and confidence.
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What our Customers Say

The items that we identified as definite improvements [with PRO Managed IT] were: Backups (frequency, redundancy, retrieval from), fewer hardware cost unknowns, Network growth flexibility cost sharing as we grow to other locations, better, more professionally maintained HW & SW. Fewer unknown trouble-shooting, server maintenance costs, presumed reduction in time spent on IT by our management team or other employees.

CFO for a construction company April 1, 2015