What We Do

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PRO Managed IT Scheduled Maintenance™
Our Certified Engineers, and technicians, support your on-site hardware through monthly remote assessments and periodic personal visits (or even one-time visits) to your premises.
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PRO Managed IT Hosted Service™
Your data resides on our server hardware and your software is monitored and maintained by our Certified Engineers on our managed network. Your data and hardware can also be co-located and supported at our secured data center.
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PRO Managed IT Special Projects™
We satisfy your special needs by providing technical support  in the form of such expertise as project design, project management, implementation and/or ongoing maintenance/monitoring, etc., for major projects or unique services at your request.
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PRO Managed IT Customer Care™
We’ll treat you the way we’d want to be treated with ‘two-deep’ Certified Engineers who’ll understand your priorities and earn your trust and confidence.
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What our Customers Say

As a Controller/CFO for SMBs for the past 20 years, the responsibility of the IT functions of our companies have fallen on me. Out of all of the IT decisions that I have made over that time (hardware, software, service, connectivity, etc.) my decision to make the change from our onsite server to the Pro Managed IT solution has been, without question, the best IT decision that I’ve ever made.

Controller/CFO for a building design & construction firm April 1, 2015