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PRO Managed IT Scheduled Maintenance™

Our Certified Engineers support your on-site hardware through monthly remote assessments and periodic personal visits (or even one-time visits) to your premises:

  • On a predetermined schedule the customer will have a fully trained Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer review the network using a predefined checklist for the following:
    • Status of all software:
      • Anti-virus protection
      • SPAM protection
      • Microsoft service patch installations and tests
  • Status of all drives storage capacity, reviews the RAM performance, checks for failed drives, error messages the servers are delivering, determines the causes and makes corrections/recommendations as required and generally reviews the overall health of the server.
  • Checks for failover solution performance.
  • Status of back-up solution, total usage etc.
  • Reviews the telecommunications performance, suggests changes as required.
  • Checks in with the local IT management team for any questions concerns.
  • Provides assistance with test environments for software upgrades conversions etc.
  • Reports all findings to the management team as directed in the assessment agreement.
  • This service is performed for a fixed fee each month dependent on the number of users, type of software and hardware the customer is using. There are no additional fees charged.


PRO Managed IT Hosted Service™

Your data resides on our server hardware and your software is monitored and maintained by our Certified Engineers on our managed network. Your data and hardware can also be co-located and supported at our secured data center:

  • First step is to perform an Internal network assessment. The Deliverable is a report highlighting any network issues that need to be resolved before a successful implementation can be achieved.
    • Hardware
    • Security
    • Communication – Appropriate bandwidth from a reputable ISP – Fail-over solution
    • Determine the in house support for local issues.
  • Determine whose equipment the data will reside on.
  • Determine the level of access the customer will be provided based on the skill set of the IT department.
  • Customer appoints one or two authorized managers to communicate all changes to be made to the network.
  • PRO Managed IT then provides:
    • State of the art secured, temperature controlled bunker for the physical location of the hardware and data, including 24 hour security with card access.
    • The building is located on the Fiber Optic hub for the entire United States. Multiple communication lines from multiple suppliers are centralized at this site as well.
    • Redundant power is is guaranteed to be provided by the United States Government on the same priority as the US military. All power is cleaned and conditioned thru a multitude of Lyber batteries.
    • Microsoft Certified SPLA partner – insuring all licensing is current, supported and legal.
    • All hardware and software as well as the customer data is protected with the appropriate insurance coverage in the unlikely event the building suffers damage as well as the “hacking”, stealing or compromising of the customer data.
    • Maintains the hardware, all software updates, releases, patches to insure the environment is as up to date as practical.
    • All monitoring of the environment is performed on the behalf of the customer; they are only responsible for having an internet connection.
    • Hosts applications supported by Terminal Services: ERP, File managers, Microsoft Office, E-Mail (SPAM and Anti-virus). Will not support most AutoCAD applications in a terminasl services environment. The CAD Files will be stored on a local server and uploaded to a PRO Managed IT server for additional security on a nightly basis.
    • PRO Managed IT adds/deletes users, changes security levels, profiles, creates ODBC connections, install new software, updates and security patches.
    • Creates and maintains data folder structure with the appropriate security rights per employee.
    • Maintains latest Microsoft security patches, service packs and any other recommended SW updates.
    • Data is backed up every 3 minutes, minimizing the amount of data that could be lost in the event of a catastrophe.
    • Future growth as measured in communication bandwidth and storage and be increased instantly.
  • Internet connection normally to be provided by client on their local machine, not on the TS session – required to insure server security, SPAM, Virus issues.
    • Desktops are locked down – as a security precaution data is not stored on the local PC. Profiles/Desktop layouts are all standardized.
    • Printing; supports printers listed on the Microsoft compatibility list. Special printing needs such as Zebra printers/label printers to be approved prior to installation.
    • Fax solutions; Standardized on Castelle, other solutions require pre-approval prior to installation.


PRO Managed IT Special Projects™

We satisfy your special needs by providing technical support in the form of such expertise as project design, project management, implementation and/or ongoing maintenance/monitoring, etc., for major projects or unique services at your request:

  • To the extent you are comfortable, such Special Project services have included but are not limited to the following:
    • Upgrading their ERP software.
    • Upgrading equipment at their site or ours.
    • Selecting, designing & implementing any IT project customers may not have the skill set to perform.


PRO Managed IT Customer Care™

We treat all clients with our kind of ‘golden rule’ customer service because life is too short for shenanigans. It means we simply always try to do the right thing. Among many things, this means we …

  • Deliver world-class Managed IT Service solutions with state-of-the-art network design.
  • Always work with you in a straightforward, easy to understand way.
  • Design and deliver solutions to be more cost effective & reliable than if you supported them internally.
  • Provide more expertise and flexibility without ‘dinging’ you with charges for every call or inquiry.
  • Support your network remotely with two-deep, assigned certified Engineers who you come to know and trust; who are familiar with your company priorities, your site, your personnel and your specific network design; and who monitor you on a prescribed, regular basis.
  • Handle all communications with a “personal glove treatment” that delivers a complete peace of mind experience for our customers.
  • If we make a mistake, we own up to it … and we fix it.

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What our Customers Say

“We rely more on Pro Managed IT engineers to assist with complex tasks and helping us to constantly upgrade and improve our infrastructure within the hosted environment. We have worked together to improve our shared infrastructure to a point where we are fighting less fires and are able to take a proactive approach to network management. We are forward looking now and out ahead of where most companies are in terms of managing systems at a hosted provider.”

CSCS, CPHIT, CPEHR IT Manager, for a growing medical device manufacturer March 24, 2015