How We’re Different

  • Our PROfessional Managed IT approach gives you great service and value in several ways
    • with no long-term contracts
  • You’ll never again have to purchase your own network-related hardware: servers, switches, routers or software
    • you’ll always have the latest equipment.
  • You’ll never again pay for upgrading the data communications infrastructure we provide you
    • you’ll always enjoy the most advanced systems.
  • Stop worrying about network/system redundancy, power and communications.
  • Eliminate having to pay for certain critical systems software*, anti-virus protection, Barracuda hardware/software spam filter; BDR items; CNA business insurance and data theft protection, to name a few.
  • Gain peace of mind that your network and data back-up & recovery processes are reliable, secure, safe, fast, and accessible from anywhere.
  • No more ‘finger-pointing’ issues for managed hosted customers who let us buy and maintain their network-related hardware/software

* We are a Microsoft SPLA Partner.


Bottom Line … “We’ll Keep You Up and Running” like no one else!

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What our Customers Say

Another HUGE improvement [in using PRO Managed IT] is the amount of time [saved] by our personnel (mostly me!) on IT issues… after moving to PRO Managed IT … it is now 2-4/week. That’s huge. [saving] 6 hours a week is 300 hours a year which is 7.5 weeks!… this time has allowed me to concentrate on things that have allowed us to either save $ in other areas or make changes that allows us to increase our sales efforts. Pretty hard to quantify, but it might be a bigger number than any of that other stuff.

Controller/CFO for a building design & construction firm April 1, 2015